Tips and Tricks

1. To keep curry leaves/coriander leaves/mint leaves fresh for long time
Curry leaves :Separate curry leaves from the twig and keep them in a paper towel .Again cover it with a plastic sheet (I usually cut and use the plastic carry bags).Keep it in a plastic container ,preferably air tight .Keep the container in refrigerator .Curry leaves stay fresh for more than 2 weeks 
Coriander leaves and Mint leaves : Do not separate leaves from the stem .You can keep it as itself in the paper towel and do the same as above .It will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks .
After one or two weeks some leaves may turn black.Remove them from the pack .Otherwise they will enhance rotting of other leaves .

2. To avoid burning eyes ("crying ") while cutting onion  
Remove the skin , cut it into half and wash.Keep it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.If you want it immediately keep in freezer for 5-10 minutes
 OR You can keep the whole onion in refrigerator .

3. To keep green chillies fresh for long
Remove stalk from the chillies and keep them all in a paper towel,then plastic wrap and then in plastic container . 

4. To clean grapes easily
We know the store bought grapes look very dirty and coated with chemicals. To  clean it, add a tsp of corn flour/all purpose flour into the water in a vessel .Keep the grapes in this water for some time and rinse well .Instead of flour , you can use 1 tsp of baking soda .

5. Sauteing onion
For sauteing onion fast, add a little bit of salt to the onion while sauteing .While adding salt , keep in mind the total amount of salt required for the dish.